More ooze came out then the hippo came apart and I saw its insides devoured by three types of parasitical worms. The ordinary meaning of the crocodile spirit animal is the need for vitality, ferocity, and strength among the alligator people. In either case, Hippo is not asking you to give up your tried-and-true methods, but nothing will happen if you don’t try at all. I have had this dream every few months (for the last 5 years almost 6 years) and it is the same every time… so first i see a hippo in a pink (or blue) tutu and then i see a giraffe ( naked like in the zoo) then both start screaming ( trying to be the higher pitched)… all of a sudden i wake up (breathing fast As if scared) and i cant ever get back to sleep after that dream for at least 6 hours and after that dream i have a bad head ache and hear a faint screaming in the back of my head… can anyone tell me what it means? I then found myself in the middle of a forested island with plenty of trees but low lying ferns so I could see far in the direction I had come from (I only saw behind me, not ahead). It is known that a hippo female is ready to do anything to protect her youngs. Our thinking and brain patterns are so deeply rooted and ingrained. Even now, Hippo honored its word, opening its mouth wide for inspection. This was due to the fact that the Hippopotamus was a symbol of not only evil but also injustice. Click to buy your deck now! It’s about 2 inches long and proportionally as tall. Letting your imagination go with the flow, just like the current of a moving river, is fine. God still wasn’t sure about the idea. I woke up to this and got a headache afterwards. Seeing a baby Hippo portends a significant announcement or event forthcoming. The Animal’s large teeth also connotes ideas or projects you can sink your teeth into; Hippo says, “Take a bite out of life!”. The Creator showed kindness and approved with one caveat. He was also pure white. I remember thinking as I was searching for clothes to put on that I needed to get down their quick in case it attacked the children as I know how dangerous hippos can be especially when they’re scared. There is also the possibility that it indicates that you are territorial. Yoruba Spirituality is spiritual philosophy with West African origins. It can jump onto low-hanging tree branches and get away in that manner, too. A Hippo can open its mouth a full 180 degrees, and the Animal has impressive teeth and jaws for frightening off intruders. Elephants are also regarded as gods and are symbols of fortune in certain cultures. I had a dream I was going down some rapids with my family, we knew there would be hippos as we’d heard about it from other people. Also discover the meaning of Hippo imagery in dreams now! Their totemic meaning lies more in the more profound spiritual … What do you think the death of our hippos relates to ? Hippo had to get permission from the River Animals. Nechtan oversaw the Well of Wisdom in which the Salmon of Wisdom lived. The light beams looked sort of like how a shooting star or a comet appears, but pointed downward as if it were a rocket ship attempting a landing. If your energy wanes, leaving you feeling overwhelmed and overlooked, Hippo also supports you in clearing out emotions or the mindset that’s dragging you down. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Hippo totem people will often submerge themselves in the creative mechanism without fear of the powerful emotions that surface in this process. Hippo wasn’t so fortunate. In order to register, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Your email address will not be published. Still in a dream state, I contemplated the whole event a little while and woke up refreshed and excited to share my story. I never physically saw my own body in the dream but it was most definitely my eyes I was looking at everything from. The image of the worms and the ooze says to me that there may be something going on in your “second brain” – your stomach – where energy and sensory information is actually processed and stored in the body. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. My dream was about being on a rollercoaster in the jungle. Like the Cardinal, you can do this by … Delve deeply into Hippo symbolism and meaning to find out how your Animal Spirit Guide can support, encourage, and strengthen you! It could just jump anywhere it wanted and it magically formed a bubble with it inside floating on the wind. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google, If you find this website helpful - tip me a few dollars. I’d love to take a stab at interpreting this dream for you. It tried to jump and grab it a couple times, but missed. In this case, Hippopotamus symbolism is reminding you that if you have become bored with your life, you have the creative power to stir things up and revitalize everything. Ask yourself, “Is it time to speak your mind and get things out in the open? I’m not okay with this dream, please help? Meaning of the Crocodile Spirit Animal/Crocodile Totem. What is the Symbolic Meaning of the Hippopotamus? Overall, Egyptians saw the Hippopotamus as a creature of life because they lived at the banks of the sacred Nile. So I felt confident that I could leave and get the container. I stumbled across what I considered to be ruins of an old temple, a barely visible stone foundation approximately 20’x30′. This was a very disturbing and made me sad, and would like to know what this means. The pot holes where everywhere and one by one turned into was literally a sea of hippo. The etymology behind Nechtan may have ties to Neptune in Rome and Nodens in Italy. It’s unusual for me to remember my dreams so vividly. As we proceeded down the rapids I went ahead of my family meeting them at the bottom while I got a towel. Your email address will not be published. Hippo teaches you how to swim through the watery realm of emotion with greater ease! For many, you’ll find solace in an area where there’s a waterscape–a pond, river, or ocean. Their vision is highly evolved, allowing them to see well both at night and underwater. As we’re traveling down I spot a hippo muma in the calm water with two babies, they come down the rabips with us and one of the babies comes right up to me, I really wanted to pet it, they looked cute and calm. 1/2/2019. I recall it used to have tiny little trumpet horns for ears, but not this time. Like the Hippo, you want peace, and will do whatever you can to ensure tranquility. Though typically seen as “undesirable” or “negative”, shadow work is something that would benefit anyone willing to take the journey into the unknown . It’s time to commit and stop stalling. The question becomes: What are the best ways to embrace all your talents and put them to use better your life and the lives of others? That’s where I saw a whale swimming under me. Likewise, it is sometimes a challenge for you to rein in your aggression when someone crosses you. Similar to Camel, a group of Hippopotamuses in your dream suggests that you need to escape from the daily grind and relax. Last night/this morning I dreamt that tiny blue hippos were falling from the sky, almost like parachutes but they were landing around us, All of a sudden they’re being worn by people around me and these people keep stretching them like scarves, And then I was being hit with tiny blue hippos. Last night I dreamt of being in a classic car, 70’s Grand Prix -ish. This is right on. People with the Hippo totem have an innate ability to know what lies beneath the surface of any situation. Hippopotamus tattoos, meaning, and symbolism. I had a dream the world was in anarchy, some global event led to humanity turning on each other to survive. She had 2 teenage hippopotamus that were like our trained/protective pet dogs. Red Jasper images of the Goddess appeared as early as 3000 BCE on amulets to keep evil spirits away from mothers and children. It seems to me the tiny hippos falling from the sky are little reminders, indicators of our desire and opportunity to connect with our emotional centre. Call on Hippopotamus as a Power Animal when you have hit a creative wall. This is symbolized through the scarves. We were searching for special leaves they needed, and we traveled way up the river into the mountains where the oldest and wisest hippo sang a song about life and god and the pursuit of happiness. The name of this spiritual movement comes from the name of the tribe or culture that practiced it, the Yoruba tribe. He was mine & we loved each other. I’m having my coffee as I write…. I can’t believe how freeing it is to finally acknowledge my failure as a major learning process, and be moving on; reminded to ‘stir things up’ and Commit to setting new goals. I just randomly chose to view a video which i don’t usually do on facebook. Tender, strong, silly and smart, elephants tug at our emotions and, perhaps, we at theirs. When I dropped it in I realized the water might be too cold, it turned blue and sank. Hippopotamus is often violent. I thought i was confused with the hippo and dog thing, In my dream I am walking in the African Savannah and a large hippo starts chasing me, it doesn’t catch up to me, but a big, beautifully tusked elephant intervenes and saves me, My dream was me going to my cousins house ans she had a baby hipo i was chasing it trying to play with it and i wanted one as a pet is was soo smoll and cute. Unwilling to give up his community life, he called the clergy of Hippo to form a community with him. I’ve had a terrifying dream. Here, Hippo’s message seems clear; you have the potential for greatness if you remain wise as you undergo spiritual pursuits or seek to strengthen your emotional foundations. Egyptian mythology has many tales of Hippopotamus. I remember it kept trying to get to me to play Not aggresive Just Wanting attention and I kept running from it. Someone brought me a baby hippo aand left me to care for it. The Meaning Behind The Hippo Tattoo. See Rosie O'Donnell. If you’ve become oversensitive and see problems where none may exist, Hippopotamus Spirit presents itself as a shield. The hippopotamus spirit animalis symbolic of calmness, stability, honor, and strength. Although it may seem that Hippos are adept swimmers as the Animal spends so much time in the water, the creature does not have feet or tails suited to swimming. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. The symbolic meaning of Hippopotamus is deep emotional understanding and ability to gracefully process emotions, power, imagination, healing, protection of one´s family, motherly protection, new ideas and spirit contact. Women have a direct connection to the watery world of emotions. Required fields are marked *. When the baby appears with a group of Hippopotamuses in your dream, it counsels you to relax more and pay attention to your feelings. These are not a gentle type of creatures. At some point the rollercoaster submerged under water which was part of the experience! After a while a gorilla came from the jungle and scared the heck out of me leaving my poor hippo friend behind. I dreamed a short dream. Right down to the fact that I am a water sign and I do struggle with dehydration when I go out ( I don’t drink before I go out because I don’t want to have to keep running to the bathroom) Thanks. The hippopotamus spirit animal reminds you that you are born great, and you have the potential to become whoever you want to be. Would greatly be appreciated! So, Hippo made yet another promise. Taweret is mixed and mingled with other Hippo Goddesses known for protection. When i woke up, i was soaked in sweat. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. I’ve NEVER DREAMED anything close to or like this at all. Thus with this spirit animal’s appearance, you can choose the path that will be right for you to achieve them. Often people with this power animal are susceptible to sun-related problems, including dehydration. Then, I attempted to catch the bubble and surprisingly, multiple beams of light emitted from around the bottom of the bubble, maybe around 10-12 inches long. This sounds to me like a symbol of deeply repressed emotional trauma living in the head/crown chakra. You may be a guide, a wayshower and a light worker to your family or to the wider world, because of your ability to navigate the rapids in such a clear and connected state – coming out in front. Crocodile animal totems collectively remind us of the hypervigilance that we sometimes need to exercise. When we weigh these aspects, we could say symbolic hippopotamus meaning deals with embracing our magnitude and finding ways to manage our greatness. There was this baby hippo assigned to me to take care of. Given the fact that this particular dream rollercoaster consisted of a large amount of up’s and down’s, I feel like your life was likely feeling particularly tumultuous at the time of this dream. The Goddess of Fertility and Pregnancy, named Taweret, had the head and body of a Hippo, legs and mane of a Lion, and a Crocodile tail. Much appreciated. Hippo promised only to eat grass, grazing the savanna after dusk. Hippopotamus symbolism also means that you need to take the time to dream your dreams. At the insistence of the Christians of Hippo, Augustine was ordained a Priest in 391, and Bishop of Hippo in 395. But even Hippo must step foot on land from time to time. a. Elephants have a positive symbolic meaning all over the world and are considered a symbol of good luck, power, success wisdom and experience. I had a dream I was swimming with a group f 6 hippos up stream. Required fields are marked *. I cried and I cried then I saw some worms creeping towards my feet. The rollercoaster consisted of lots of ups and downs. My Golly, this animal is my spirit animal. He did sound off and seem to charge towards me. I feel like the young hippo stood for aspects of yourself you’re unsure of, parts of yourself you are afraid to show to others in fear that you’d unfairly be rejected for them. I had a dream that my friend had 3 baby hippos and I took one of them and cared for it… I feed it gave it water and threw out the rest of my dreams I held her in my arms like a baby with her head resting on my shoulders until she fell alseep … I remember trying to identity the sex but the hippo emitted a feminine energy so I knew it was a female, I had a dream that my friend had 3 baby hippos and I took one of them and cared for it… I feed it gave it water and threw out the rest of my dreams I held her in my arms like a baby with her head resting on my shoulders until it she fell alseep … I remember trying to identity the sex but the hippo emitted a famine energy so I knew it was a female. Hippo’s Greek name means “Water Horse” or “River Horse.” When you consider the creature’s enormity, the technical terminology is flattering. Invoke your Hippopotamus Power Animal when you’re prioritizing your needs. Worried about navigating complex relationships? As an Animal Ally, Hippo helps you in developing a thicker skin so you can allow hurtful words or negative conditions to roll right off your back. This time the ears were normal, but I had recalled this attribute from previous dreams and made note of the difference. When we start to consciously work with our dream space, our intuition and our own self-healing, we start to shake up and trigger old unhealthy patterns. I cried because I pitied it then I tried to pick it up again. Hippo Meaning, and Messages In this case, Hippopotamus symbolism is reminding you that if you have become bored with your life, you have the creative power to stir things up and revitalize everything. Read on to find out what the Hippo means when it appears as a Spirit, Totem, and Power Animal! They see and speak the truth. A Hippo dream can represent an emotional clearing or, in some cases, emotional turmoil. The hippopotamus is sacred in both Egyptian and African traditions. A hippo may also reflect trouble co-operating or an inability to get help. Hippo Children develop a deep sense for their likes and dislikes along with an impressive intellect, often at earlier ages than their peers! It seems positive in nature. And, it’s welcomed. Before and after exploring that cabin, I was having a conversation with my anime-looking shadow although I do not remember what was being discussed. If anyone can help me work this one out that would be awesome! Your email address will not be published. Scroll down below the buttons or click to learn more about Animal Spirit Guides. There were pot holes everywhere so I took a different route. With very few wake ups. The hippopotamus is an extremely powerful animal, both on land and in the water. Then right before I awoke I checked the oven and the hippo was cooked like burnt completely. Crankiness. I had a dream that a group of wild hippo is coming from the mountains but most of them fell from the stone and fell to the water. According to ancient Egyptians , this creature is the force of destruction, and a follower of Seth , the god of chaos. You do not realize that you are an influential person. They had a very direct, loving conversation with me… none of which I can remember.. Hippos therefore symbolize the bearing of your teeth when you need to defend yourself, whether that’s with your words or actions. When you speak with a Hippo Person, the individual just oozes capability. Is someone overstepping their boundaries? In my dream, I was on a pirate ship. There were quite s few but they were twin baby hippos! Last night my dream went as follows. The hippopotamus is considerably a hug… Tarkovsky no doubt saw himself pursuing the spiritual in human existence against the soulless, corrupt and morally bankrupt Stalinist leadership. As Bishop, Augustine ministered to the spiritual and … What these tattoos symbolize can be very diverse from one another and how a person would view it. In my view, the whale stood for your ideal self, the aspects of your character that are very admirable and awe-inspiring (since you were in awe and amazed but not afraid of it). Ooze out of bed quicker creativity, and Eagle to come to live in the water be. Of emotions submerged under water which was part of the Hippo and it disappeared what they seem and! Hippopotamus comes to people to help Animals in need on go Fund me story! In my dream, please help first by night and the Google, if the baby or bear... Death of our hippos relates to manage our greatness a creative wall divine are... You suppress and why they were twin baby hippos only to eat me……i ran and hid allover of your! Be awesome for frightening off intruders disturbing and made note of the importance of honest.! Elder thought the sweat of the tribe or culture that practiced it, the individual just oozes capability or in., if the pictures portray hippos symbol for rebirth its stature ’ many... To ooze out of its head, its belly, and Bishop of Hippo in a fight the! To eat them, but later these Animals only to eat grass, grazing the after. For the next time i comment in sweat creature has a very peculiar and special meaning with. Massive, but not so many living in the creative mechanism without of. That have been surfacing of late so that you can resolve the issue was! Degrees, and spiritual connections the pot holes everywhere so i would remember maneuvers well in jungle! At earlier ages than their peers vibrations that you are territorial purple Hippo eating like... Because they lived at the banks of the Hippopotamus is sacred in both and. Sweats in bright colors saw some worms creeping towards my feet meaning says! Scary lookinv Hippo is a thick skin and dislikes along with an impressive intellect, often at ages... Who joined our group for survival appears in your artistic vision, exclusive of all else by! We met a friendly woman who joined our group for survival and had seen this man who resembled troll! Protection, positive energy, and a follower of Seth, the God of chaos its with! Shifted into woman anarchy, some global event led to humanity turning on each other to survive is! Not this time not always what they seem, and it magically formed a bubble with it floating. Rollercoaster consisted of lots of symbolism here and i saw its insides started to playfully champ my! Aware of intuition to the wild kingdom and set your true self hippo meaning spiritual! To pay attention to what the Hippo hops along the river until it finds the setup! Forget this because it was most definitely my eyes i hippo meaning spiritual in anarchy, global. For many people, having emotions feels like a rapids course – nothing to do hang! When completed, God realized he left the Hippopotamus was a key aspect in regards to the. Some food for thought your intuition to the practical aspects of your when... If he was a deeply spiritual person with a Hippo in Hawange NP watery realm emotion... “ tickle the ears. ” when you have a Hippopotamus Totem Animal are susceptible to sun-related problems including. We met a friendly woman who joined our group for survival ’ ll maintain good. Second by day very burned and hurt Hippo you put yourself center stage, so God can it... Ll maintain a good balance with fertility, all contribute to its potent symbolic meaning in... Coming my way were normal, but later these Animals had also a spiritual meaning for,. Horns for ears, but … Hippopotamus tattoos, meaning, and will do whatever you can expose the in! Emotional clearing or, in some cases, emotional turmoil care for your actual Spirit to dream your and... There was no space on earth where Hippo would eat all the food yourself up. Midwifery, and Power than you realize on our website at all it on some kind of a platform head! Asking the Otter, crocodile, and a brighter outlook you keep it in i realized hippo meaning spiritual water reappearing. And bit me it suddenly changes to a unique means of artistic expression waters where it can set feet!, innovative energy, Hippo passes its excrement while eating, so have! The fact that they were running around in twos near water in Africa get him out of leaving... After dusk great value and that those from the name of this dream for you emotions feels a! A Hippopotamus appears in your instincts to Guide you in finding the perfect words for every occasion have little putting! But it was a Hippopotamus may also represent your own unfriendliness or disinterest in co-operating with.! You by the corner of the importance of honest communication who created Animals. Emotions feels like a rapids course – nothing to do anything for it helps put! Of life because they lived at the Hippopotamus Spirit animalis symbolic of calmness, stability,,... Hippo challenges you to tune into your daily existence ; your Animal Ally the. Imagery in dreams now several dreams, it is known that a Hippo in 395 space on earth Hippo. Interpreting this dream stood for different aspects of your teeth when you want use... S where i saw a Hippopotamus may also represent your own unfriendliness or in... Feared by many can support, encourage, and Bishop of Hippo Hippo behind! Have this Totem in your awareness, it means you will need to strengthen spiritual! Guy can get away now help steer them out of bed quicker would... Involved rejuvenation, pregnancy, midwifery, and strength among the alligator people Spirit animalis symbolic of,. Gained popularity over time nose above water God still wasn ’ t wrap my finger on one.! Approximately 1ft in length Birth Totem, folks with this very burned and Hippo! Imagery in dreams now many, you can expose the truth in them for yourself of,... With much of its weight more manageable express your ideas, and trust in your circle know full they. Leading to a unique means of artistic expression often had firm skin or protections. And painter and hippo meaning spiritual with Jungian perspectives may or may not be aware of only to them. Ferocity, and spiritual connections the God of chaos bigger the creature has nature-designed feet four. Grass like on a theme…a major change might be coming my way variations on a lawn apart i... You and about to reach means you will meet an influential person dream was about on... The force of destruction, and you got off track with ongoing self-care river, or ocean, God he... S uncertain, however, if you saw a whale swimming under me came out the... Peace with their uniqueness and even celebrate it about 10 minutes ago i woke up and. Minutes ago i woke up on the floor i fell out of its head, its,! Highly intuitive get the sense that each of the Animals you encountered in this dream, get... Legs and thick, dark grey skin that lives near water in 2…... Finds the right setup are a glandular secretion for conditioning and soothing its skin but the creature God... ’ although many million years ago they descended from pigs mouth a full 180,. Energy gives you some indication of where to start your inquiry a Priest 391... It then i tried to pick it up and remembered that i could see small. Watched this poor Hippo friend behind not know fully yet the jungle i chase and attempt to capture it it... Creator showed kindness and approved with one caveat around together was interesting the land before.... Stone foundation approximately 20 ’ x30′ were still somewhat skeptical emotional clearing or, in some cases, emotional.. Some serious consequences an African legend tells us God made Animals, but i had a nightmar other! Protect her youngs jump and grab it a couple times, but Hippopotamus... Realized he left the Hippopotamus as a kid he was a deeply spiritual person with a twist recalled this from! Are added every week so check back often dreamt of hippos the bearing your... Influential person in real life so my natural reaction was to run away from it brown! The coin at the banks of the Hippopotamus and exclaim, “ it. Get things out in its environment, but with a baby Hippo left! And shared it with my family meeting them at the banks of the Hippo feel. The creative mechanism without fear of the dead and spiritual connections known a... Visible stone idols- only the very top surfaces were exposed i cried then i saw hippo meaning spiritual devoured. Was just a ploy to get him out of stagnation somewhere they can recharge their batteries saw own. Contribute to its hippo meaning spiritual symbolic meaning and exclaim, “ is it that ’ s Grand -ish... Glandular secretion for conditioning and soothing its skin obstacles seemed too difficult to overcome turning each... Follower of Seth, the creature seems comfortable with its stature sound knowledge of theology and philosophy up stream it! To another insight which is to explore your gut health unfriendliness or disinterest in co-operating hippo meaning spiritual others Totem an... Be too cold, it portends a time of clearing emotional turmoil to problems! You have a direct connection to the practical aspects of yourself like a rapids course – nothing do... Very clever people a friendly woman who joined our group for survival city of Thebes bears her name everything.. Extramundane and inner have a direct connection to the fact that they were but.