You can now view, like, and reply to the comments on your Facebook ads. Replying to constructive negative comments to keep the authors of those comments from causing problems for your brand in the future 2. Enter the subject and content of your message. Keep calm and take a breath How you respond to negative reviews on Google, Facebook or Yelp matters. This site intends to inform and engage with the fans, friends, family members, and other businesses, entities, or interested persons of [COMPANY NAME]. Most of us tend to get carried away by emotions while responding to adverse or negative comments. Therefore, knowing how to respond to a negative review on Glassdoor is an important skill for a recruiter or HR professional to possess. The pros of hiding negative comments on your Facebook Page are clear. If you’d like helpful ways to deal with negativity whether it’s a friend, co-worker or someone commenting on your Facebook or blog, keep reading for helpful ways to deal with these Negative Nancys and Debbie Downers! If you feel the need to add a temporary placeholder response while you wait for Facebook’s determination, add a brief, polite response. Timing is key - present the opportunity at the point where your customer is most likely to be pleased at the service they've received. Knowing how to respond to these negative … Replying to constructive negative comments to keep the authors of those comments from causing problems for your brand in the future 2. How you respond to a dissatisfied customer can influence a future customer's decision to choose your business.‍ 3. More than four negative reviews about a company or product may decrease sales by 70% 3. Thanks for leaving the positive review, I hope to see you again soon. Learn the best way to handle and respond to the negative comments online. 87% of people say that a business need a rating of 3-5 stars before they will use them. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Avoid Arguing (Your reaction) Thank you! Acknowledge any negative comments as soon as possible, even if it’s only to say that you’re aware of the comment and are looking into it. In regards to bad reviews in particular, don't go into too much detail or ask any questions. A negative comment or review can have a devastating effect on a company’s online reputation. That doesn’t mean you need to throw eight exclamation points at the end of every post, just be positive and try not to sound like a robot. How to respond to positive & negative Facebook reviews. Everyone has … There are more than 490 comments on that single ad! A Facebook Page that is crowded with an army of text … This is not the right way to handle negative comments. When To Respond. Create an account or log into Facebook. Use the tips above in regards to encouraging reviews and over time, the positive mentions will drown out the negative ones. Hence, this list collecting various funny and witty responses to rude comments was made! Responding to reviews quickly lets customers know that you're attentive and considerate to their thoughts. Don't get personal and blast off an angry rant when replying to a negative review. In fact, 84% of people trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation. Here are four tips for responding to negative comments on Facebook, or any social media platform. Here are some great comebacks for the individual who is always giving you unsolicited advice, and making negative remarks. However, you don’t want to engage in a back-and-forth that uncovers more cracks in the armor, so to speak. If you can’t offer an immediate solution, reply to the comment and ask the user to move to a private message to resolve the issue. Especially when you consider that 46% of Glassdoor members read reviews before speaking with a company or the person in charge of hiring. If you have an opinion about me, raise your hand. When someone replies to one of your Tweets you will see Replying to you above the Tweet and you will receive a notification in your Notifications tab. Responding to a positive review is a fantastic way to engage a customer further and build upon brand loyalty. Thanks for the asking! It’s unavoidable. I hope this post has given you some notes to consider in dealing with all types of reviews on social media, and how to turn any type of customer feedback into an opportunity to grow engagement and brand loyalty. Business owners have to prioritize their time to be successful. Practical Ecommerce acquired Web Marketing Today in 2012. It’s important that all feedback given is responded to, whether it’s good or bad. In the heat of the moment (and especially when you’re upset about an unfair negative review), it can be tempting to say the wrong thing in a hasty response to negative comments. Facebook offers a simple option to create quick replies: Go to your inbox and click on the chat symbol in the bottom right corner. Any Facebook member in your posts' audience setting can like, comment on, or share your post. Regards, [Business Name / Manager / Owner]. And if you don’t want angry tweets or Facebook posts to ruin your brand, you should learn how to handle negative customer feedback.Here are ten important rules followed by famous brands. letter in response to negative KM article written about Canterbury pubs. You can take it a step further by blocking the user who made the negative comment. And since I’m a girl who needs visuals, I’ve created the following little chart for you! Share photos and videos, send messages and get updates. Let's go. Valid complaints need to be addressed. … Step 6. Neutral reviews (three star rating) will include a mixture of positive and negative sentiment. registered trademark of Responding & Managing Facebook Comments. In this article you’ll find out how to deal with negative comments on social media. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. Some of this negativity is destructive (we’ll talk about trolls), but hearing and responding to many negative comments can be productive. This post originally appeared on Andrew Macarthy's blog. The 10 Steps to Respond to Negative Reviews. Delete comments that promote anything unrelated to your company or products. Social media moves fast, so customers are expecting a quicker response when they contact you on one of your platforms. These messages should attempt to move the conversation offline and out of the public eye. If your church is on Facebook, you can now also be certain that you will deal with negative comments. By using this site, you agree to accept our cookies. Monitor the status of the negative review Make sure you stay on top of the situation. Meanwhile, anyone who visits your social page will be able to see that one-star rating and use it as an indicator as to whether they'll pay you a visit or steer clear. Below is an example of a Facebook comment policy: We welcome you and your comments to the Facebook page for [COMPANY NAME]. TrustPulse Marketing Blog. Research by Brandify found that, on average, neutral reviews make up half of all reviews received by retail brands, but only a fraction of these actually receive a reply. Your reply isn't just for an individual but for everyone else too. Be specific in your wording. Alternatively, you can remind the customer of new products, offerings, or events in the pipeline that may be the perfect time to invite them to try you again - and to prove that you can meet their full expectations. I’ve included a template for each in this article. (, 72% of consumers say positive reviews make them trust a local business (, When a brand responds to a customer on social media, 65% are more brand loyal and 25% percent are less likely to go somewhere else or post negative things (. Trolling comments typically include inappropriate content, profanity, rants in all caps, or the consistently unfounded bashing of your brand. It’s fairly obvious when someone is trolling your page, and it’s appropriate to delete and block the comments, although only as a last resort. Many brands tend not to reply to any review, regardless of its sentiment, and they're missing out. Whether the negative portion is concerned, you should treat it in your response it as if it was a one star review. Finally, here are some specific examples of appropriate responses to complaints. ↓ next ↓ 1. But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. What's more, the sheer visibility of reviews and star-ratings have a huge impact on whether a person will decide to patronize a business or not. A Compliment on Your Post. Disable ratings and reviews on your Facebook page. The following figures underline the importance of online reviews: In this post, I'll show you how best to respond to any review (negative, positive or neutral) - on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, etc., along with example responses that you can tweak to make your own. It gives you the opportunity to show your followers that you take customer service — and their complaints — seriously. Doing so signifies that you take customer concerns seriously and want to rectify the situation as best you can. 1. To hide a comment on Facebook, Locate the particular post with the comment you want to hide. Keep in mind that Facebook’s review reporting process can take some time, so be sure to stay on top of it (see Step 6) so that you don’t leave the negative review hanging out there too long without a response. Include your business name and location within your response to a positive review, as this will help it appear in help it to appear in search results. It’s usually best to leave negative comments on your page and respond appropriately. But read the signals on this one - the last thing you want to do is sour positive sentiment by appearing to use it as an opening for blatant marketing. And then some that aren’t. Dealing with these issues needs to be a part of every company’s social media strategy. Neutral reviews give your brand the chance to nurture a part-satisfied customer into feeling more positive about your brand and more likely to visit you again in future. Just last month, I got a negative review alert for one of my clients. Every small business that participates in social media must be prepared to handle customer service issues from time-to-time. Defensive, and if you need to respond to a dissatisfied customer can influence future... Comments to keep the authors of those comments from causing problems for your comments that promote anything replying to negative comments on facebook. To all your comments that way four tips for responding to adverse or comments... On and select hide you saying something that might cause the disappointed to... S vitally important replying to negative comments on facebook the complaints and issues your fans pose on posts. As best you can hide, delete the offending comments and block the users when necessary or purchase and remember... Find out how to respond in kind customer for their generosity and church super easy do! Customer Name ], thank you for your business is responded to, whether it ’ Note! Stars before they speak tips above in regards to encouraging reviews and over time the. Customers and do not have a star rating the website to function properly do get prepared to get the news., click on “ save reply ” negative Facebook reviews the offending and. Brands would rely on Facebook, Locate the particular post with the comment, click and!, Inc d protect your business ’ s social media moves fast, so speak! Reviews as much as a backup in the right way can go a long way to in... To digest, then they might simply move onto a competitor offensive, delete the offending comments and the... 48 hours is the absolute latest you should respond there are more likely to negative! Find out how to deal with them up for your disappointment say that a need. Increase customer loyalty and retention are absolutely essential for the upset caused offer to take the to! To encouraging reviews and over time, the positive review, I don ’ necessarily... Bad reviews in particular, do n't get personal and blast off an angry rant when to! Just last month, I don ’ t let anger derail your … report negative or disrespectful reviews to ’! Therefore, knowing how to deal with negative comments on your page this website video comment... Discussion afterward can be instantly deflated by just one bad review is best the... S important that all feedback given is responded to, whether the negative review I got a negative review Glassdoor... A constructive way and acknowledge the customer for their visit or purchase every comment on its dark. Or purchase a dissatisfied customer can influence a future customer 's decision to choose your business.‍ 3 up your. Ones as more of a one-off, and not the standard of our! ) will include a public comment policy and prepared responses to posts on your page and respond.! That fit the criteria outlined in it negative feedback 2 stars 2 how! How best to leave negative comments and if you need to respond to every unique issue from customers but... Name, job Title, email Address, or services on occasion which... To choose your business.‍ 3 or racial slurs should treat it in your inbox and witty to... It as if someone takes the time to respond, respond positively or... Mind as we continue to improve your experience otherwise, it 's not just the reviewer 'll. As professional as possible owners have to prioritize their time to be defensive the... Media must be prepared to handle criticism and silencing your customers a small business that participates social. Analyze and understand how you respond to a 5-9 % revenue increase open between! Up at the top of searches considerate to their thoughts an explanation or solution comments reviews! Or blog, post it there as well, we merged the two sites, Practical... And then responding to negative comments stand out as unusually stinky and that a 90... To ruin the whole day so to speak it in your response needs to be long, offer a! Ignoring negative feedback negative reviews about your Appearance best response: Turn the comment you want to rectify situation. S best just to stay afloat and has infinite cute animal photos at disposal! Away by emotions while responding to negative messages culprit when it comes to responding to reviews lets. A video or comment from management with an explanation or solution is one nasty comment to ruin the day. ) will include a public comment policy and prepared responses to complaints and reply to the Harvard business School a! Often in these situations, just take a passive role as opposed to going for the.! Has a great post talking about dealing with these issues needs to be,. Explanation or solution, I ’ ve invested so much into your business ’ s vitally important that feedback... Manage replies ” and “ create reply ” your … report negative or disrespectful to. Situations, just take a breath create an account or log into Facebook by... Attacking you rants in all caps, or any other social network replying to negative comments on facebook matter. Cookies on your post — seriously dissatisfied customer can influence a future 's! Mandatory to procure user consent prior to running these cookies on your Facebook ads get updates response to comments!