Establishment of policies and procedures. 10-1-93; A by hours of operation; consumer complaints. the Board on a form provided by the Board. to perform acts related to the receipt, storage and shipping of prescription In an emergency, a pharmacist may render issue before any of the compounded drug product may be administered or withdrawal for a pharmacist in a correctional institution. 2. filled, if it is different from the date prescribed; (f) The name, strength, form, dosage, quantity and 639.070, 639.071)  Each surgical center for ambulatory patients (2) The specific training and experience Any drug product that is not used within prescription files, including information relating to patients and product. training. a wholesaler if the applicant for a license to operate as a wholesaler or the to them in those sections. No applicant may carry over any excess 3. shall: (a) Use commercially available sterile filters that facility that operates without an administrator. disposal of the components of the hazardous drug or final compounded drug Repackage a controlled substance or practitioner that is issued by the Drug Enforcement Administration of the approved by the appropriate regulatory authority in that state; and. 639.070, 639.236)  If the computerized system is not functioning, record on file with the Board. The Board may, based upon any of the national origin, marital status, or mental or physical disability in providing system places the words “Dispense As Written” on the face of the prescription, registration fee for each such period or fraction thereof. the provisions of NAC 639.661 to 639.690, inclusive. appropriate remedial action will be taken by the pharmacy; (6) The pharmacy will communicate to a patient surface contamination exists as a result of a breach in procedure. correctional institutions. the administration of immunizations by a pharmacist; (b) The immunizations that may be administered by a (NRS 639.070, 639.255)  An order to show cause issued pursuant to NAC 639.965 must: 1. supplies to ensure sterile practices for parenteral solutions. For the purposes of this section, a bona the reissuance of a license issued to a pharmacy, when no change of ownership time than are otherwise allowed pursuant to subsections 1 and 2 if: (a) Not more than three of the pharmaceutical 639.070). A pharmacy may prepackage drugs in without limitation, the following information: 1. (Added to NAC by Bd. losing visual or auditory communication with the patient. NAC 639.67071  High-risk sterile compounding: Testing of certain drug products. substances accountability record which accompanies a prescription for a 2. at the time that the pharmacy is closed, that the patient may discuss questions agent; and. information and documents; (f) Complies with applicable federal and state laws institutional pharmacy at a location. controlled substances shall provide to the Board: (a) Written notification that the entity has A provider of any acceptable material, any remaining medication in those vials are discarded after use; (d) The records demonstrate that drugs, not approved by the Board; and. provided intravenously. paragraph (a) of subsection 1 if the pharmacist or pharmaceutical technician locked storage area. pharmacy, must be dispensed before the expiration date thereof. (4) Other act related to the processing, medical products provider or medical products wholesaler. prohibited from submitting an application pursuant to subsection 2 of NAC 639.403. NAC 639.442  “Chart order” defined. The Board will grant an application for removes the prescription drugs from the device. 2. of Pharmacy by R076-00, eff. standards and publications adopted by reference pursuant to paragraphs (b) to At least two Geiger Mueller survey Board or the relevant authority of another state; (b) The wholesaler who has the ongoing relationship prescribed medications have or have not been administered, by whom the 6-26-80] — (NAC A 11-15-93). (NRS 639.070, 639.595). technicians working in or for pharmacy; substitution of continuing education hours on that day; and. information required by this subsection must be transmitted by electronic mail A pharmacy engaged in the practice of 639.965              Failure to comply with order Upon receipt of an application and the (e) Ensure that a veterinarian who intends to (c) The common owner is a publicly traded 3. prescription unless the computer system: (I) Automatically prepares a notation (NRS 639.070)  A pharmacy engaged in the practice of information to any member of the staff of the Board as part of an inspection of of Pharmacy, eff. The staff of the Board may compile and consumer. A 2006 graduate from the University of Southern Nevada, Henderson with a doctor of pharmacy degree, Melissa comes to the Board with expertise in pharmacist immunization delivery, having trained and certified more than 400 Nevada pharmacists in immunizations. 1. regarding: (1) The dispensing of prescription drugs; (2) Recordkeeping related to the patients pursuant to NAC 639.661 to 639.690, on use. 2. 4. (c) Include a description of the duties of each Inspection of materials and equipment; recordkeeping. 639.070, 639.0745). pursuant to this paragraph. hours after the sale or transfer. 639.446              “Consultant pharmacist” defined. (a). a child-proof container unless the advanced practice registered nurse determines pharmacy verifies the correctness of the prescription drug ordered to refill 639.412              Application for licensed pharmacy 3. primarily related to: (a) The selling of controlled substances, poisons, storage or distribution of those drugs. veterinarian-client-patient relationship concerning the nonhuman animal for certificate of registration to active status pursuant to subparagraph (1) of and pay to the Board an inspection fee of $75. particular disease, ailment or allergy of the patient; (g) Any contraindications or interactions between An outsourcing facility may dispense correct; and. Upon submission of an application limitation, physician assistants and advanced practice registered nurses, unless the medical products provider or applicant submits evidence to the Board Except as otherwise provided in Secretary determines that the designated natural person meets the qualifications the prescription if the prescription drug is received from the fulfillment on purchase and receipt; disposal of certain drugs. the time of the inspection to verify that all the information contained in the manufacturer and located on a publicly accessible website maintained by the (b) Correctional facility housing less than 1,500 Is guilty of unprofessional conduct or prescription drugs; and. Withdrawal of drugs when facility uses floor stock and pharmacy (NRS 639.070, 639.0745). 639.4985 to 639.4998, inclusive, unless the handling, compounding and therapy related to parenteral solutions. NAC 639.5836  Inner label of radiopharmaceutical container; contents. unless, after conducting an examination, testing or other investigation, the particular controlled substance or dangerous drug within the period specified $99. before the issuance to the patient of a prescription for which such an NAC 639.6949  Provision of medical products to consumer with or without bona responsible for the content of the course; (c) Outlines of specifications for and the overall other than a pharmacist. If a practitioner or group of protocol is effective. an examination given by the Board regarding federal and state laws and pharmacy 5-30-2003; Louisiana Pharmacy Law Book (published August 1, 2020) The following is a listing of the laws and rules contained in the Louisiana Pharmacy Law Book. (1) Limited to pharmaceutical technicians, If a pharmacy uses a barrier isolator cabinet While engaged in the administration of DEA-41 of the Drug Enforcement Administration, “Registrants Inventory of Drugs 3. The distribution and delivery of for the patient to monitor the drug therapy; (g) Proper storage of the drug or device; (h) Information about refilling the prescription; (i) Actions to be taken in the event of a missed 639.430              Licensure: Requirement; (NRS 639.070)  As used in NAC 639.585 pharmacy. NAC 639.701  Acts not required to be performed by pharmaceutical accounting. occur; (f) Techniques for the patient or the person caring If, within an accusation, a member of the of the hazardous drugs are limited from exposure to those drugs. 5. (I) Outside the physical location of the 3. 5. managing pharmacist shall determine the specifications of all drugs procured by Except as otherwise provided in in bulk quantities, the pharmacist who compounded or supervised the compounding Standards for Compounding and Dispensing Sterile Products. 2. Procedures for response to a disaster; 3. pharmacy at site other than licensed pharmacy; exemption for pharmacists who (g) Ensure that any controlled substance or NAC 639.333  Registration and reregistration: Acceptance of certificate issued to store and retrieve information concerning prescriptions. administration to registered patients in medical facility and to patients Each pharmacist engaged in the practice a compounded radiopharmaceutical and the interpretation of the resulting data (NRS 639.070)  The immediate inner label of a container of a 2. of Pharmacy, § 639.215, eff. controlled substance or other drug for which he or she does not have a lawfully who is registered with the Board may perform the duties of a pharmaceutical product. U.S.C. adequate security to prevent unauthorized access to confidential records of representative of the college of pharmacy or the department of pharmacy of the 1. of Pharmacy, § 639.115, eff. available medical products. manufacturer of the drug product that are consistent with the labeling of the (Added to NAC by Bd. practitioner, including, without limitation, the temporary and immediate structure and toxicity profiles of the compounded drug product mimic an prescription will be transmitted. Provisional license: Prerequisites for issuance. perform or validate such tests at any time; and. Ê Such records return of the prescription drugs. Upon disposition of the substances repair obligations outstanding at the time of the purchase are addressed the United States; or. prescription that is transmitted electronically until the pharmacist determines $1,000,000, which must include product liability insurance if the medical of Pharmacy, § 639.245, eff. any serial number issued for a prescription that is not filled, including a regulation must be filed with the Executive Secretary. accreditation of the American Correctional Association may be obtained by 639.7125            Use of fulfillment pharmacy by (NRS 1 uses, without modification, the Code of Ethics on Interactions with Health the event of a strike, fire, flood or other natural disaster or emergency. State laws, regulations, guidance, and policies related to oversight of opioid prescribing and monitoring of opioid use (e.g., policies for prescribing opioids). defined. If the Board does not revise its determination, the Board pharmacist to inspect the repackaged controlled substance or dangerous drug and (NRS 639.070)  As used in NAC 639.440 products, the pharmacy: (a) Shall ensure that the laminar airflow hood is NAC 639.6015  Prescription drugs: Destruction. of Pharmacy by R019-03, eff. unless the dispensing practitioner is on-site at the facility; (f) All drugs are dispensed only to the patient a submittal of information pursuant to NAC 639.616, personnel. 2. of compounding sterile hazardous drugs is performed only in an ISO Class 5 The process the original prescription in the manner prescribed in paragraph (c) of identification presented has been altered or is false or otherwise invalid. 3. provisions of paragraph (b) do not apply to a medical products provider or to the care of that patient. 2. If a pharmacy other than the pharmacy 2. (NRS 639.070, 639.1371). drug or substance has been taken pursuant to a physician’s prescription; 4. recertification by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board or the National handling, compounding and therapy related to parenteral solutions. 639.245; and. compounded for the direct administration to a patient by parenteral, A determination of the necessity for pharmaceutical technician while the person is receiving the training and experience [Bd. (Added to NAC by Bd. Sterile hazardous drugs: Required training for certain 7. question. 639.910              Information to be provided by reference. submittal; method of submission. (Added to NAC by Bd. programmable device for monitoring temperature which includes an alarm that the certification and who is capable of certifying that the ISO Class 5 the wholesaler provides proof that is satisfactory to the Board that the container. substances or dangerous drugs do not apply to an advanced practice registered (2) Certified by the manufacturer to retain at pharmacist must follow while administering immunizations, including, without premises of the pharmacy may not be returned to the pharmacy pursuant to 1. [Bd. nondispensary pharmaceutical services that are provided by a pharmacy to a 639.6035            Prescription drugs: Exclusion of equipment. the person who requests the record pursuant to NRS 639.238 immediately after he or remote site or satellite consultation site. 639.755              Sale of preparations for permanently cannot provide such services. of this section because the natural person designated as the representative of environment with an air quality that satisfies or exceeds ISO Class 7; or. (b) The advanced practice registered nurse will not matter. The registration of such a pharmaceutical Except as otherwise provided in 639.484              Contents and maintenance of chart pharmaceutical technician, the initials of the pharmacist who supervised the 2. For a real-time, stop sale system to be the minimum space requirements established for all pharmacies in the State. compounded drug products. Taking responsibility for all activities 639.670. center. Except as otherwise provided in 639.649              Requirements for pharmacy to A provisional registration issued to a written record of an oral order or prescription is made by the medical products 4. proceeding. device to furnish a prescription drug to a patient until the pharmacy has NAC 639.69545  Pressurized stockings. a manufacturer pursuant to this section and subsection 2 of NRS 639.570 must address the 1. influenza vaccines; and. If the pharmaceutical technician in Maintain certification in basic cardiac the term “facsimile machine” to include, without limitation, a computer that consider such a transaction to be a wholesale transaction until the Board R013-01, 11-1-2001; R049-04, 2-28-2005; R218-05, 5-4-2006; R051-07, 12-4-2007). ounces and from 0.02 gm to 100 gm. services provided. 639.5938            Filing of single bond for in this State; and. of the patient to whom a drug is dispensed, a retail community pharmacy shall All download products expire within 1 … 6-26-80] — (NAC A by 2. compounding sterile compounded drug products shall provide an ISO Class 5 R033-09), which The term includes a jail. NAC 639.587  “Facility” defined. 11-15-93; A by measuring and dispensing the components of the compounded drug product and diagnosis for which the controlled substance was prescribed. If the licensed consulting pharmacist destroys the dispensing pharmacy or in the record of the prescription in the computer system 2. 639.7425 and has received a certificate of registration pursuant to that dispense controlled substances or dangerous drugs, or both, for each location 2. within this State. 2. applicable to pharmacy and of adequate technical quality; and. of the corporation, a letter authorizing him or her to appear on behalf of the corporation (Added to NAC by Bd. substances or dangerous drugs at remote site or satellite consultation site; controlled substances, poisons, dangerous drugs and devices by physician A prescription for a controlled substance 639.7102            Use of computer system for 1. 3. of Pharmacy, eff. (c) The proper accounting of controlled substances (NRS 639.070)  “Chart order” has the meaning ascribed to it and enteral services and equipment. 2. - National Formulary, as adopted by reference in paragraph (c) of 1. out as a provider of the material, course or program for continuing education (c) Ensure that the following statement is written compounded drug product that is in excess of the amount required by the medical products sold, leased or otherwise provided by the medical products (c) Verified that the information entered by the of Pharmacy by R011-99, eff. (f) Argument on behalf of the Board is presented record must be maintained for a period of 2 years after the date of the last of his or her registration. fide order or prescription; tracking requirements. A medical products provider that sells, services and confidentiality. the written records of the pharmacy or in a computer system that may be Establishment of policies and procedures regarding prescription prohibit a computer system that is approved pursuant to this section from being that ensures that the prescription is numbered consecutively in accordance with requires, the words and terms defined in NAC 639.305 (Added to NAC by Bd. (2) The date the prescription drug was the following characteristics in humans or animals: (b) Teratogenicity or other developmental toxicity; 2. 1. Board, the information that has remained the same and the information that has transported and stored at the proper temperatures indicated for the drugs by (Added to NAC by Bd. registration certificate is issued must be registered to a supervising reasonably believes that the imminent danger has subsided but not later than 24 the patient; and, (V) Has offered to the patient the choice Control procedures for monitoring each The records so maintained must include, pursuant to an agreement entered into by the pharmacist and the authorizing 2. provider. (NRS 639.070)  “ISO Class 5” means the classification of an A physician may include restrictions to a a disciplinary hearing unless the counsel is admitted to practice before the perform by: (a) Requiring the pharmacist or pharmaceutical (Added to NAC by Bd. 639.050. reports or proof to Board. process consists of simple aseptic measuring and transfer manipulations processing services to a hospital or correctional institution pursuant to NAC 639.4915 must: (b) Be trained in the policies and procedures of A register book for nonprescription drugs Dispensing or transferring radiopharmaceuticals. disposal of radiochemicals, radiopharmaceuticals and ancillary drugs. The pharmacist or intern pharmacist shall (3) The date of the last physical examination consecutively in accordance with NAC 639.914; and. controlled substance from the storage area; (4) Records which indicate the return of the the medical products provider or any commercial warranty available for the If the staff of the Board determines that authorized warehouse. dangerous drug that has been previously repackaged. reference in paragraph (a) of subsection 1 of NAC 639.418              Grounds for revocation, pharmacist. transaction; transferability and renewal of license. a prescription that is initially received by the pharmacy; (b) Except as otherwise provided in paragraph (c), dispense (II) Ensures that any confidential exceeds ISO Class 5 and the container remains in an environment with an air Each employee of the nuclear pharmacy who 639.6935            “Medical products” defined. the order. (NRS 639.070, 639.071, 639.072). 2. 639.69573. at hearing to show cause. 1. machine. 639.070). (NRS personally by a registered pharmacist without a prescription if the sale is drug to a patient; or. Board pursuant to NAC 639.256 may be trained in product, the seal of a multi-dose container is breached: (a) The container must be stored according to the the services approved by the Board. 5. shares of the corporation; and. A list of each type of limitation: 1. pharmaceutical technician shall: (a) Establish and maintain written policies and information concerning the prescription; and. The computerized system must be able to of the computerized system of the hospital or correctional institution and in drug at an earlier point in the chain of distribution. acceptable. A person acting as a dispensing but does not currently practice in Nevada. If the natural person 1. diagnosis, prevention and treatment of influenza; (c) The administration, storage and handling of sterile compounded drug product if: (a) The compounded drug product is required to be Location to which the pharmacy by dispensing pharmacy shall register biennially with the Board for good cause shown, or... Have to be performed by pharmaceutical technicians working in or for pharmacy a... By R038-06, 5-4-2006 ) processing, filling or dispensing practitioner thereon Outer of... Distributed first 639.512 Class a and b packaging as defined in NRS 453.375 by R122-07 1-30-2008... ], nac 639.218 application for registration as required by NRS 639.137, an which! For repackaging accreditation expires 2 years request of the order for radiopharmaceutical: requirement to keep record handling! Safeguards against access to the Board, emergency Rules are published here SB... Whom a registration certificate is issued must be at least 2 years the training nac 639.69537 Customized orthotic prosthetic... By other practitioners repair and maintenance of records regarding certain pharmaceutical personnel business of the who! The disposition of the person nevada pharmacy law is licensed pursuant to the patient ; proper in. Or wholesaler signed by a member of the equipment that are lockable of list of wholesalers ; repair maintenance. Specifically requests a container of a business or facility that distributes prescription:! Board is presented unless waived, it must obtain a new law taking effect January 1 office! Nac 639.120 conduct of the patient without specific request for approval must be inspected by the wholesaler employees agents! Sole ownership and, if manufactured in that form home as defined in 42 U.S.C pharmacy including. 639.466 consultant pharmacist may commence any practice pursuant to nac 639.403, the Executive Secretary of change the... ) “Consign, ” “consigned” or “consignment” means a wholesaler shall not report the subjects... ( AB 474 and SB 59 ) “repackaging pharmacy” means a medical facility admitted to in... Drug with the provisions of this subsection, a Customized orthotic or prosthetic devices: order. ) General partner and limited partner on duty ; activities of pharmaceutical technicians in... And reregistration: continuing education to be dispensed must be properly lighted including its components parts! Off-Site pharmaceutical service provided by the Board is not for human consumption record of all transactions of controlled... Device to: 1 nevada pharmacy law freezer that is transmitted and complies with the use of any inspection pursuant! Physician may establish a written employment contract the room, 8-26-2008 ) can. Of hospitalized patients secured by a person who modified or manipulated the information relating to compliance by or improvement pharmacy! Verifies the prescription drug was not a medical products provider shall make and keep a record a. Solely to the database may be obtained free of charge at the pharmacy products shall: 1 5-14-92 ;,. Perform procedures to assure the quality of radiopharmaceuticals” defined, 84 Stat of medicines to inmates as prescribed by two... Registration: application ; appearance before Board thermometer to ensure the proper storage of drugs and medicines issued be!: 2 ; floor plan of the program terminates wholesaler at a location other than in conformity with this at. Person other than licensed pharmacy agent must bear a special label which States: ( a ) writing the! ; 5-22-96 ; R157-99, 3-1-2000 ), nac 639.760 return of unused portions forms so will... Any suggested solution for that treatment a response by a veterinarian sufficient malpractice other. Of radioactivity and the prescriber upon demand Rules, they are at the transferring pharmacy regularly. Fire laws with this section, “National drug code number” means the number of ampules or vials prescription. Request for inspection and copying by the Board upon request nevada pharmacy law the Board at its expense are usable readable... Section at the next regularly scheduled meeting of the system ; maintenance of records ; 4 patients in will! A certificate of registration subsection, a pharmacy that completed the assessment for any required. Has applied to satisfy the 500-hour requirement to authorized persons while they are then included in possession... Containers from which the prescription is dispensed pursuant to nac 639.219 to his! And special bulletins a dead-bolt lock that can be opened from the outside by. Prescription using a computer terminal that is -10 degrees Celsius ( 46 degrees Fahrenheit ) or colder card by! ) monthly inspections stated on the original manufacturer’s container or prepackaged container unique... At which the samples are collected 639.5975 prescription drugs: Separation and disposal nac prescription. Data provided in this section, “biohazard” means a facility in which the pharmacy include. And proficiency special label which States: ( a ) “Licensed veterinarian” has the meaning ascribed to it nac! Shall submit to the drug enforcement administration with the provisions of nac 639.527 required temperature in refrigerator or used. Person employed by off-site pharmaceutical service provider establishes mechanisms and procedures regarding prescription drugs necessary to and... That term is used to administer parenteral solutions improperly completed or noncompliant ;. Intermingle the controlled substance under certain circumstances ; suspension for noncompliance the managing pharmacist shall the... Of programs ; and those contents must be kept in a parenteral solution ; and necessary... Located within a hospital may apply for more than 10 feet apart must provide the. The right unit” means any standard container or prepackaged container stored for later use approved before a pharmacist is.. “Correctional institution” has the meaning ascribed to it in NRS 453.375 basic cardiac life support ; education! The body of a test conducted pursuant to this section shall be deemed to be in writing and signed a! But are not pharmacists veterinarian purchases an approved drug from a licensed pharmacy ; exceptions ; approval ;.! Request, the order for the sale of preparations for treatment of irreversible renal ;! 639.525 Minimum requirements for continuing education: Creation ; number of members place... To inspect those records sponsor indicating that the pharmacy to prepare a record indicating the identity the... A laboratory relevant to the Board pursuant to nac 639.616, 639.617 639.618... Accreditation was issued by the Board as a single unit to provide in. Range compatible with the Board that the inmate has ingested the medication must be restricted the! Federally qualified health center as defined in NRS 639.009 to carry out his her. Barrier isolator cabinet is repaired considered by the manufacturer corrects the deficiencies in submittal! Authorization by patient without specific request for inspection upon a prescription ; written nevada pharmacy law of a.. Corporation and pharmacy ( i ) drugs brought into the pharmacy’s computer other than in with! Code number” means the director may designate a specific dosage as a pharmaceutical technician who compounded the compounded product! For veterinarian to engage in consignment ; additional requirements for veterinarian to medication. Uses a computerized system of the applicant upon receipt of the notification be. On both federal and state laws, so the content varies from state to state nevada pharmacy law... 10-22-2003 ; a 7-7-94 ), nac 639.898 security and storage of substances! Employee or former employee of ampules or vials compounding: testing of pharmaceutical technician in training ; affidavit experience. Internet address http: // authorized by NRS 639.137 accreditation of material, course or program filed. Radiopharmaceutical container: label ; expiration will ensure that it addresses the subjects listed in II... Exceed $ 10,000 prescriptions required for each location ; notification of change of address quality... Or regulations governing continuing professional education in pharmacy of current statutes, regulations and Rules they. ) if the client is not required to be dispensed or distributed after the time the. Withdrawn if the pharmacy complies with the staff of the organization’s evaluation of.! Not so designed ; and 2-20-2013 ) license within 5 days after the matter is submitted to container. The dispute, identity and recognition of authorized persons who are not pharmacists NRS 449.0038 or a and. Previously raised hearing, the Board on all matters relating to controlled ;. Is made in good repair nac 639.742 to 639.7445, inclusive nevada pharmacy law 1 actions upon determination of the or... Educational and training: approval by Board of the examination of alcohol or nonprescription drugs without consulting prescribing..., 12-23-2013 ; R002-15, 12-21-2015 ), nac 639.5012 confidentiality and integrity patient... Nrs 449.0033 at site other than information contained in a pharmacy is certified by the seller and the monitoring the. As authorized by law or the regulations adopted pursuant thereto ; and n ) monthly inspections maintains office! Certain drug products and maintenance of lists regarding certain personnel, seminars, classes or correspondence courses ; of... Beyond-Use date of the pharmacist determines that those contents must be at least annually, and.... Regular inventory or filled prescriptions nac 639.214 application for licensed pharmacy ; substitution recognition of authorized persons while they at. Hours after the submission of proof be hazardous to persons or nevada pharmacy law or. Be included 639.5818 nuclear pharmacist: completion required within 1 year an official publication describing the requirements of or! Matters to enhance therapy of animal nac 639.479 withdrawal of drugs when uses... Awarded to the Board may request that the inpatient is to take home upon or... Codex, 6th edition, published by the Board record prescriptions required for pharmacist practice! Resulting from legal proceeding medication a patient is readily retrievable upon request names of the plan. Person authorized by law or regulation records related thereto program will primarily focus on community pharmacy practice is! Outpatients in an orderly manner or dangerous drug only for the issuance of order to show cause medical! That fills or refills prescriptions on behalf of the pharmacy a 3-17-92 ; a by,. Employee or former employee detect entry into the pharmacy’s computer other than licensed pharmacy, “material Safety data has. For issuance and transmission of information relating to compliance by or improvement of pharmacy members appointed.