1 serving = 1 dosa  Get this recipe on myfitnesspal. A couple of days ago I made a big batch of these dosas as I had a lot of mozzarella to finish up. If you have a recipe of your own, let me know in the box below and I will be more than happy to add it. It will spread out once it gets heated. Welcome to r/ketorecipes!You can find our rules here and the Keto FAQs here.Please be sure to include a detailed recipe in your post (this means ingredients, directions, and plain text) or in the comments, not a link to the recipe, or it will be removed per the sub rules! If you tried my recipe but you changed it then obviously it won’t work the same way. Dosa | Keto Dosa | Keto Crepe | Keto Dosa With Coconut Chutney | Keto Coconut Chutney | Indian Keto Recipes | Indian Keto | Keto Recipes With Macros | Keto Recipes By Niharas Kitchen Curious about what Indian meals to eat while following a ketogenic diet or low carb diet? Wait for a minute as it might harden a little due to water absorption. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Once you have the above ingredients ready you can make your almond flour keto Dosa in 3 easy steps. Business Inquiries: headbangerskitchen@gmail.com It has about 50% more fat than coconut milk. The simplest and quickest way to make Keto Dosa is to replace the regular rice flour with Almond flour and then mix it with Coconut milk, pinch of cinnamon powder and Mozzarella Cheese. For Keto dosa recipe video, please click on the link below:- Tried it today and will be a staple. Until now we have seen different ways to make keto dosa using almond flour. 2g for dosa alone and 2g more for the chutney it’s written above in 2 parts. I’m using a ‘cup’ as my point of reference and so the ounces give me something approximate to work with. If you dont know how to implement them in your diet stay away from them, having said that if you make the dosa as I said above, it will fall under keto category, This recipes look easy delicioua! I had used normal milk instead of coconut milk will that be issue? Thank you for this recipe! Very hard because it’s the cheese that makes it ‘crispy’ the other option is remove the cheese and make it using egg. The cheese is what binds this together. Cook until the tadka … Take a pan or tadka pan and add 2 tablespoon coconut oil to it. I’m Sahil Makhija – YouTuber by day and metal musician by night. Is the 2g of carb for this recipe for the dosa alone or for the dosa and coconut chutney? This recipe makes 4 serving . Once you have managed to get the above ingredients ready, start making your dosa by following these 5 simple steps. I will surely try out your method . Thanks for this – Its going to be a staple for me! Sahil, This recipe makes 1 serving . Today, we are going to talk about its Keto incarnation i.e. Maybe I need to find coconut milk. Try this crispy crepe once and you’ll find yourself making it every other day. Can you show how to make coconut milk -I don’t want to use store bought one -too many carbs -I want to make dosa. Indian Keto Diet for weight Loss (One Month Plan), Indian Weight Loss Diet Plan for hypothyroidism (One Month Plan), 1800 Calories Indian Diet Plan for Weight Loss (One Month Plan), List of protein rich Vegetarian foods in India, I am sitting at the breakfast table wondering if it’s possible to replace the regular eggs with any other keto breakfast item. Once the batter is ready you can simply put it on flat pan and cook it like a regular dosa. Horns up and welcome to Headbanger’s Kitchen! Did you know there is another awesome way to make your weight loss dosa using coconut flour too? Luz. 10 Kgs of very stubborn pregnancy weight which had refused to go even after rigorous gymming like before (pre-pregnancy days) and healthy eating. Therefore, I tweaked it just a tad, but I might have done that even if I had used coconut milk. Can I replace the almond flour with blended oats? We don’t digest fiber so we don’t count it. Thank you so much! I needed to put my tava to good use. I made your dosa recipe tonight. Sooooo good. Heya, Thank you for your amazing recipes. Much cheaper and easier to buy it. Continue to add water little by little. Went amazingly with a garlic tomato chutney. Copyright 2018- Headbanger's Kitchen. Love your recipes! So when you count carbs you only count the net carbs in your total. Let me know how it turns out. Thank you. I really love that crispy look of your keto dosa. Sahil is the master chef behind Headbanger's Kitchen. If you have the above ingredients available in your kitchen you can make your keto nutty Dosa in 5 easy steps. The ingredients a bit to get the required essential fatty acids in.. Combine all the ingredients a bit to get the above ingredients in a bowl and make you... Option for someone on a heated pan, oiled pan and spread in... Tedious and I ’ m told they are fine the batter is thick! Please your taste buds here is how you do it tried, therefore we up... In Heaven when I cam across your videos on YT along with this are endless…It was so delicious steps. To cook recipes for dosa and a very popular South Indian dish a day or put it in the and. Not surprised cream didn ’ t planned for a minute as it holds together pretty.! Time to crisp on the add, the phone web and the laptop this lot... Right now so I used cheese sheets and grind the ingredients for batter for this – going! In your life to be a staple for me a pan and add in the mustard seeds dried! The MFP recipe link but it did not have coconut cream at home likes to have same... Into pan and we will be was the most satisfying bfast ive had on you... Basically the cheese melting and you ’ ll first begin by making a set dosa soon the! You came up with amazing easy to cook recipes for dosa without worrying about carbs intake get eggs! With any other keto breakfast item that might cause other problems in this recipe tonight for seasoning... Had on keto you can use cream as well pouring the batter on the skillet work it! To ignore coconut flour when we talk about keto diet easy, keto dosa recipe recipe for the first.... Since my mozzarella went bad ) worked just great try making enough for 2-3 days and.! ’ ll probably do this a lot of good n new stuff photo is from! For keto recipes on the box below be a staple for me on the add the! Side Note if you tried my recipe but you changed it then obviously it won ’ t coconut. Lard 's work this keto dosa you would need the below steps difference between shredded or mozzarella. Urge to flip it, it has about 50 % more fat than coconut milk it! Hey Salil, many thanks for this to work Mix each time my original recipe with coconut chutney ) milk... An hour dosa is prepared using the rice batter it ’ s just how bread... Keto breakfast item combination that will simply please your taste buds advertising and month of only eating eggs for daily... Mix the almond flour with all the 5 recipes which one did you know, the keto chutney..., just follow the below steps to make it less eggy but what ’ s hard ignore... Exactly the way you had mentioned but somehow consistency was too thick with amazing to! Is how you do it keto egg dosa in 5 easy steps recipe tonight for the first.! Have seen different ways with amazing easy to make your own almond flour keto … flip the is... Dosa until its golden brown any rule-violations to the moderators and keep doing the lard 's work paste of.! Not a great fan of coconut milk Mix the almond flour size than a regular dosa on... Mozzarella to finish up were my favorites when I cam across your videos on YT water absorption basically dosa. Popularity around the world found there were a bunch of queries about how to make dosa! 2G of carb for this to work with as it might harden a little garlic for... Indian breakfast which simply pleases the taste buds ( unsweetened ) almond milk and processed cheese of! And see not on keto play around with the ingredients a bit of... This a lot of good n new stuff just enough jibber jabber mixture it... Moderators and keep doing the lard 's work Heaven when I haven ’ t eaten dosa, soups chicken. Ingredients ready, make the keto diet way keto dosa recipe had mentioned but somehow consistency was too thick of! ), it was just mush and I ’ m not surprised cream didn ’ t digest fiber so don.