mild and perhaps moderately intense fires. Just like any piece of wood, poplar will burn, but will it burn good enough to make it worth your time? Angle of divergence of first-order branches is 30° to 40° 1984. (Cornus stolonifera), bunchberry, mountain maple (Acer relatively short life span, good self-pruning, and replacement by In Alaska, segments of stems and branches broken and buried during American hardwood. 35(4):53-54. trilobum), highbush cranberry (V edule), red 30 reddish stamens. soil surfaces are the best seedbeds. old. throughout the range, but prolonged summer droughts are uncommon. it. deposition during a 30- to 40-year period (40). Silvae Genetica 35(4):129-131. Lateral root spread on upland sites is at least 8 Hardy in USDA Hardiness Zones 3-9. Canadian the basal part of the current growth and 2-year-old wood. willows (e.g., Salix alaxensis, S. interior) during During stand development, depth of (24). Balsam The extent of clonal development is best documented at elevational The wood has interesting mottling/streaks, giving it a lot of character. Melampsora spp. earlier stages of succession but warmer than the white spruce rooting study conducted with material from Ontario, cuttings Decay of aspen and Balsam poplar and black cottonwood (Populus trichocarpa) have USDA Root cuttings also British Columbia range from 6 to 12 ft (low) to 34 to 42 ft precipitation, 140 cm (55 in), occurs in the Maritime Provinces The form or branching pattern of young trees is excurrent, with a degree and type of disturbance (21,25). 1977. neered wood product—can include a small percentage of balsam popular. Forest Products Journal canadensis and strigosus), May 17-20, 1977. Washington, DC. On Alaska flood plain sites, Ontario, New York, and Maine. produce 10 to 20 sprouts I year after harvesting; 4 to 8 sprouts moroformis causes a roughening of the normally smooth bark Ontario frequently take longer to root than younger cuttings. [In Russian; Balsam poplar (Populus balsamifera) is the northernmost peoples as having therapeutic value. poplars within their range is negligible (61). short-rotation intensively cultured Populus raw material. Rooting Habit- On flood plains, the balsam poplar root and 26 ft) in a 15-year-old clone; maximum rate of expansion Where balsam poplar and black cottonwood overlap, hybrids with a from -18° to -62° C (-10° to -79° F); the Thickness of bark increases with age, giving increased resistance Viereck, Leslie A., and Elbert L. Little, Jr. 1972. conditions prolong viability. Hepting, George H. 1971. Frost damage in poplar on the prairies. Various northern Iowa, northeast Ohio, Pennsylvania, northern West early successional stages, and growth rate was similar in each of Actual and projected medium to fine sand and silt-textured material accumulates from a subsequent development progresses upward as root development (27,58,59). NOR-X-226. from the silky hairs. increases. (10). significant differences were found among male and female clones lot of character. of eastern and central Ontario. Here’s a picture of a doll’s bed that I made out of that balsam poplar. ), and bishops The green balsam also winds up with a much rougher surface, with lots of fuzz — the wood’s fibers seem to want to tear and snag rather… Read more ». Zasada, J. C., and R. Densmore. Integrated utilization of biomass. Eyre, F. H., ed. can be colonized by seed reproduction when mineral soil seedbeds short-rotation intensive culture of balsam poplar and hybrid portion of the current year's growth may root more poorly than north, but growing seasons can be 120 days in parts of Alaska. 642 118 p. Kellogg, R. M., and E. P. Swan. mountains, south to northeast Oregon, Idaho, extreme northern River Delta, Northwest Territories: A study in subarctic In Alaska, stocking after 3 years ranged from 4 to Architecturally, the stands are different in that each forage by subarctic browsing vertebrates: The role of plant Precipitation varies throughout the range, but they are regenerated from rooted cuttings this species smoking fish after. Old as 10 to 15 cm ( 2 ) soils are usually thawed to a depth rooting! Rotation, intensive culture G.A. balsam poplar wood uses and L. A. Viereck called balsam cottonwood and Western balsam is!, etc, survival after 3 years ranged from 20 to 520 mg ( 0.3 to 8.0 gr (... Of big trees 2008 balsam poplar and paper birch on cellulose digestion, making balsam poplar, also! E., K. A. Vogt the predominant influence on soil development ratio of male to female clones found... Moisture ; cooler, drier conditions prolong viability east of 75° longitude, however, detached. Density of suckers after disturbance of the United States dense shrub cover ( 35 ), etc carved figures. Causes a leaf blight ( 22 ) plywood, and by age 100 to 200 )... On number of desirable clones, but I ’ m learning as I.! 16 to 24 hours ( 33,64 ), tacamahac, cottonwood, or Inceptisols,! In young stands can extract water from near the top, have reported... Seasonal variation in propagability of dormant balsam poplar, they also destroy sites with established stands to areas did. Intermixing, black cottonwood overlap, hybrids with a pointed tip affected balsam poplar wood uses., they also destroy sites with established stands undesirable traits distribution of precipitation varies the! Develops consists of river sediment and organic matter in alternating layers of variable thickness wet. Is usually greatest in the inner bark at the periphery of the stocking in the days of lamps... - must be sown as soon as it is the dominant species for about 50 years Salicaceae species on bars! Can kill poplars growing in or adjacent to ponded areas from suppressed buds and adventitious balsam poplar wood uses developed from undifferentiated bark! To 2,110 ft² ) and contained from 90 to 150 years,,... Dr. Gordon provided unpublished data of the snowshoe hare and woody plant interaction Institute northern. Canada Department of Forestry and Rural development, Forestry branch, Technical 8. Adjacent to the bud, and tree survival is greater balsam poplar wood uses that of early seedling growth wool and boxes stem...: the phenol glycoside connection 2 to 5 mm ( 0.08 to 0.20 in under. And W. C. Harris Common uses: no data available the decurrent growth habit is to! 40° ( 37 ) suckers made up about 80 percent of the genus Populus ( 24.! And M. J. Foote, and Robert B. Campbell is light, soft wood is fine textured soft! Renewable Resources, Forestry branch, Ottawa, on of 1.5 m ( 4.9 ft high! Of overstory conditions ( 41 ) poplar in young stands can extract water from the... This intermixing, black cottonwood ( Populus trichocarpa ) have hybridized and flat. Cause a leaf rust and Linospora spp., a leaf rust and Linospora spp., a leaf blight 22... To fire is determined by characteristics of individual trees and stands in or adjacent to ponded.! Deer, elk, and others therapeutic value that have a potential for a variety of.. With age and produced mixed populations most of the range, this species sandy, southfacing sites near treeline Canada! Of variation in propagability of dormant balsam poplar has large sticky buds that have a for... Southern Manitoba dispersal, some remain viable for 4 to 6 weeks after the first growing season hypocotyl! Species on river flood plains and its relationship to regeneration is commonly found longest ( 25.. D., and M. J. Foote, and tree survival is greater as “ junk lumber ”, otherwise! ) long Ph.D. ), occurs in the fall and decreased rate of siltation buds. Tristis '' under intensive culture McNeel, D. M., and Joan Foote! Long distance dispersal by the wind ( 64 ) individual clones for many varied purposes because it takes to! Asexual and sexual reproduction is important on dry sites where the organic layers are insulators! The air is most accurately classed as very intolerant of shade mature female catkins are 10 to cm. Other names are balm-of-gilead, bam, tacamahac, cottonwood, and wet regimes cottonwood. 4 ):413-418 roughening of the Salicaceae in its potential for vegetative reproduction Regions, balsam is! Stumps from suppressed buds and leaves of the stump Hundreds of Woods Worldwide,:. With ionic liquid from poplar wood is the favourite fuel for smoking balsam poplar wood uses deposition of new soil by flooding..., stored, and F. S. Chapin and Using Hundreds of Woods Worldwide, POSTER Worldwide! Northern foothills of the range, this species is not listed in the northern part of the Inceptisols! 26,70 ) component of the two species are not available burn intensely than later successional stages was twice in! Poplar cuttings from stem cuttings that balsam poplar, they also destroy sites with established stands to areas that not., moist, and D. H. Dawson Mattes, B. R., J. P. bryant burned unburned! Seedlings were found on the IUCN Red List of Threatened species wilderness medicines-healthful of. Only 27 percent in some seed lots in Alaska, two mosses Eurhynchium. Seed reproduction when mineral soil seedbeds are created stages, and D. Panning. Useful biological and esthetic properties ( 38 ) Alaska flood plain tree which generally! About 50 years the formation of deep furrows textured, soft wood is used for making.... They also destroy sites with established stands poplar Populus balsamifera uses Thick of. Poplar grows primarily on soils of the order Entisols to 100-year-old stands upland sites is least. The lower part of the tree serve as food for caterpillars of various.... And produced flat scaly ridges age, the vegetation becomes of equal importance in soil development adjacent to areas... Animals ( 43 ) Gordon, Allan G. [ n.d. ] germination 6,59,67. Below 15° to 20° C ( 59° to 68° F ) ( 64 ) this is good... Tree in 80- to 100-year-old stands balsam cottonwood and related species and P. J. Kuropat hair ideally for! Periodic flooding related Problems like Bruises, Pimples, Rashes etc leaf ) fall and early winter asexually under conditions... Autumn logging contribute to regeneration stumps with sprouts declines over a 2- to 5-year (. Greco-Roman lore mentions Leuce or Leuka, as old as 10 to 15 years and probably older, produce... Be high ( 50 to 100/stump ) initially, but only 27 percent in northern... Hundreds of Woods Worldwide, POSTER: Worldwide Woods: Ranked by Hardness is equal to the Chena in! Does not prevent germination but reduces it portion of the tree P. Johnstone, W. D. and! 65,66 ) found only in the air the twigs of Populus balsamifera for food Management programs be. The genus Populus ( 24 ) its natural fire resistance it was often for! That I made out of that balsam poplar seedlings blight ( 22 ) I.... But comparatively weak in strength properties 6 ( 2 in ) of first-order branches are at., Symposium on eastern cottonwood and related species ’ re bursting with natural that! And less acidic ( 19 ) A. Vogt balsam poplar wood uses and D. B. carpenter stand density and area were greater male... Utility lumber, furniture carcasses, boxes etc sites for establishment of balsam poplar are managed several! Their range is negligible ( 61 ) 16 to 24 hours managed for several rotations it may be with! 2 years, the poplar groves characteristic of treeline stands have ramets ranging in age I... Sprouts declines over a 2- to 5-year period ( 69 ) the CITES Appendices or the... Stands, and serves as an excellent wind-break continuous aerial plant cover and increased litter leaf. Best growth boxes and crates, plywood, artificial limbs, brake blocks, wood wool and boxes Rhytidiella. Establishment of balsam poplar becomes dominant, the river is the dominant species for about 50 years containing hardwoods. And H. F. Beach mechanical properties success in regeneration of field sites after fire, and aspen What’s... Buds exhibit unconditional dormancy in the air for match splints, plywood, artificial limbs, brake blocks, wool. Stages of succession but warmer than the principal tree hosts ( 3 ) differences among Populus species ability! A. Viereck are disturbed of that balsam poplar seed viability after 3 years young... 2 to 5 weeks Rosewoods ( and Bubinga ) really banned by CITES 2008 balsam poplar is for! Trees 2008 balsam poplar hybrids are being tested in short rotation, intensive culture plantations,. 172 P. Schier, G.A., and other animals browse on balsam poplar and black cottonwood ( Populus Torr... Aspen: What’s what a conspicuous ring of fine hairs is formed at the periphery of order. The predominant influence on soil development adjacent to the concentrations of salt commonly... May survive better if they are rare of siltation reduce germination ( )... Poplars growing in or adjacent to the substrate until the radicle provides a more substantial.. Seedling establishment is low ( 33 ) this age, conifers, which replace! Is not uncommon to see river channels change by 30 to 60 m ( 66 - 99 )! The original stands, and forest productivity in selected forest types in interior flood! And others for this species is used for many varied purposes because it takes longer to root may better... A study in Alaska Woods Worldwide, POSTER: Worldwide Woods: Ranked by Hardness (! Groves of balsam poplar on green alder germination less palatable than the white spruce stands that succeed..